Calvin Vollrath Got his 1st fiddle at the age of 8 on Christmas day and by evening, was playing 2 tunes. 2011 inductee into the North American Fiddler’s Hall of Fame. 65 Albums. Composer of over 600 tunes being played by fiddlers everywhere.




Mark Sullivan We are extremely pleased to welcome Mark back after a couple years away. Mark is a 3-time Canadian Grand Master Fiddling Champion so he's up there with the best of them. When not playing fiddle, Mark is an educator in the Vancouver area.




Gordon Stobbe We call him “Mr. Fiddle Camp” because that’s exactly what he is. He teaches at many fiddle camps in Canada from coast to coast to coast. He loves to share his enthusiasm & never ending knowledge of music with everyone.



JJ Guy is a popular fiddle instructor at fiddle camps across western Canada and we are pleased to say he has become a regular at Camp Calvin.  Proof of his popularity.... he was awarded the 'People's Choice Award' presented at the 2013 Canadian Grand Master's Fiddling Championship in Saskatoon, SK.




Daniel Gervais  Daniel is a regular at Camp Calvin and we couldn't be happier. Daniel holds a Masters degree in Music from the U of A and makes music his life. Dan is also a 2x Canadian Grand Masters Fiddle Champion.






Craig McGregor Guitarist extraordinaire from Vancouver BC. He knows and uses all 4 chords as well as anyone and is a wonderful teacher and a great accompanist to fiddlers.






Kimberley Holmes What a piano player.... and instructor. Kimberley has traveled around the world with many of Canada’s great fiddlers. Graham Townsend, Richard Wood, and most recently Phil Cunningham of Scotland, just to name a few. She also plays great fiddle and is the second half of the duo Bb sisters with Sheryl Fitzpatrick, or a third of the trio Tipsy 3 with Jocelyne Bourque & Susie Lemay. And now she's taking up the banjo!!

Randy Foster Randy is ‘The Fiddlin’ Fireman’, as he has become best known. He was fire chief in the Ottawa area for many years and fiddled on the side. Now a retired professor from the Algonquin Fire College in Ottawa, he has more time for fiddling on his hands. In 2018, Randy will take a break from instructing and will simply be around to assist whereever necessary. He will also be tasked with the responsibility of running the jam sessions.
(Additional instructors will be added as required)