2020 Virtual Instructors

Calvin Vollrath Got his 1st fiddle at the age of 8 on Christmas day and by evening, was playing 2 tunes. 2011 inductee into the North American Fiddler’s Hall of Fame. 69 Albums. Composer of about 700 tunes being played by fiddlers everywhere. www.calvinvollrath.com

Here's a video of Calvin doing a medley of things



Mark Sullivan Mark is a 3-time Canadian Grand Master Fiddling Champion so he's up there with the best of them. When not playing fiddle, Mark is an educator in the Vancouver area. With schools out this spring, Mark has been teaching online so is well versed in virtual instruction and will be our go-to tech support.  www.marksullivan.ca

Here's a video of Mark in action at Camp Calvin



Patti Kusturok from Winnipeg MB, is a 3x Canadian Grand Master Fiddle Champion and we are extremely pleased to have her back after a few years away. Patti teaches fiddlers across North America & beyond. What a great opportunity for us all to get to hang with her at Camp Calvin 2020.  www.pattikusturok.com

Here's a video of Patti & Calvin from her 365 days of fiddle.





Daniel Gervais  Daniel is a regular at Camp Calvin and we couldn't be happier. Daniel holds a Masters degree in Music from the U of A and makes music his life. Dan is also a 2x Canadian Grand Masters Fiddle Champion. www.danielgervais.ca

Here's the video of Dan's final round at the Canadian Grand Masters 2016 in which he won





Craig McGregor Guitarist extraordinaire from Vancouver BC. He knows and uses all 4 chords as well as anyone and is a wonderful teacher and a great accompanist to fiddlers. www.facebook.com/craig.mcgregor

Here's a video of Craig with Mark on fiddle doing a new arrangement to an old fiddle tune





Kimberley Holmes  Since we are going virtual, we have invited Kimberley Holmes to take on the piano class and we are excited that she said yes. Kimberley is currently teaching her students virtually so is very familiar with online instruction. And she comes with a wealth of musical knowledge. It is our hope to have Jeremy back in 2021. www.facebook.com/kimberleyholmes