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We raise money for the ALVMB by collecting admissions to the concerts and other means. In a virtual setting, these opportunities are missed. Would you help us continue to financially assist the youth and encourage their musical endeavors? Any amount is appreciated. Thank you for your support. *Just know that 5% GST will be added.

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Art 'Lefty' Vollrath Memorial Bursary

Calvin's father, Art 'Lefty' Vollrath was a terrific old time fiddler and was Calvin's inspiration and fiddle mentor. Sadly, he passed away in 1988 but his legacy lives on through Calvin. Art loved to see the younger generation take up the fiddle and keep the music alive. Now we are doing our part to honour Calvin's father by helping the youth attending fiddle camp with a little financial assistance.

A donation jar is set up each night night at fiddle camp for the evening concerts for folks to make a donation with all money collected going to the bursary fund. Other contributions to the fund come from Pop sales, recyclables collected during camp and donations from generous contributors.

Scholarships are normally $150 and available for students 17 & under and help as many students as the fund permits.

For the virtual camps, the Art 'Lefty' Memorial Bursary is still available but has been modified. The only requirements is that 1) students must attend a minimum of two classes/day and 2) agree to have their camera on so we may confirm their participation, to have a portion or all of their registration fee reimbursed. (Total cost of reimbursement will depend on number of minor students).
No application required.

For virtual Camp Calvin, full bursaries were handed out to 30 eligible students in July 2020 and 10 students in Jan 2021 and 12 students in July 2021!

The Wild Rose Fiddlers Association Sponsorship ~ Suspended until further notice.

$150 sponsorships are also available through the Wild Rose Fiddlers Association. Go to for all the information and an application form. Applicants must be -18 yrs however applicants over 18 will be considered if funds permit. Deadline to apply is 14 days prior to the start of Camp Calvin.

Whispering Hills Country Music Association

WHCMA has a limited number of sponsorships available to young people 18 & under attending music camps across Alberta. To be eligible, applicants must be nominated and supported by a responsible adult and must be recommended by a music teacher. They must satisfy pre-requisites and be accepted and paid the camp pre-registration fee. They must not have received subsidy from the WHCMA to any other music camp in the current year. All applicants must be Alberta residents.

Click here for WHCMA Sponsorship Application Form (revised 2017)

For more details, contact Mary Olson, Sponsorship Chair at 780-675-5516 or email