Camp Calvin is four days of intense classes & workshops and a major inspiration to aspiring and experienced musicians alike. We offer classes in fiddle, piano & guitar by high calibre instructors from across Canada, including Canada's Fiddling Sensation Calvin Vollrath. Workshops offered throughout the week cover a large gammit of topics that range from theory, composing, bowing, maintaining your fiddle, etc and of course, lots of jam sessions.

A highlight of the camp is the evening concerts presented by the instructors of camp. These concerts are pure entertainment and worth the price of registration alone.

Participants of all ages come from across Canada and the US to engage and immerse themselves in an environment where fiddle music takes precedent. This is an opportunity to meet new musical friends and re-acquaint with old ones.

Virtual Camp Calvin has been created out of necessity due the Covid-19 pandemic. Having had to learn the technology and with two successful virtual summer camps and two winter camps, we see that it is possible to continue to add the virtual component to Camp Calvin alongside the physical camp using the Zoom platform.

The virtual aspect of Camp Calvin will consist of classes in fiddle, piano, guitar as well as jam sessions led by our very talented camp instructors following the same schedule as the live camp but virtual students will have their own dedicated classes.  Virtual students will receive all support material one week prior to the start of camp. Support material includes Sheet Music & TAB, MP3's, Backing Tracks, Jam Session Chord Charts.

All virtual classes will be recorded for your review long after the camp is over, so it's 'the gift that keeps on giving'. A bonus to Camp Calvin! NB. Class videos will be made available in a few days following camp.

And NEW to virtual students this year, will be the Instructor Concerts that happen every evening as we will broadcast these to you, something that didn't happen in past virtual camps. You won't want to miss these!

Classes will start at 9:15 am MDT daily and include two Fiddle Group classes, Fiddle Workshops, Guitar & Piano classes, an instructor-led Jam Session (virtual), Evening Concerts & Jam Sessions. Classes will be 1 hr and the schedule will allow for ample breaks. Below is a preliminary schedule:

Download a .pdf of the tentative schedule here

Sunday July 10:
Virtual students will receive support material and the Zoom link.
Thursday July 14: Two rehearsal periods will be scheduled for virtual students to log into the meeting room so virtual students are ready to go Monday morning.
Sunday July 17: Registrations will open at 2 pm until 9 pm. Sunday evening, there will be a jam session at Portage College starting at 7 pm. This is to accommodate the many fiddlers & instructors that participate in the Grand North American Fiddle Championship held July 15-17 in Fort Saskatchewan, AB.
Monday July 18: Registrations will re-open bright and early and the day will begin with a welcoming gathering for all. Students will then be assigned to a group class with a home instructor.
Monday July 18 - 21: Two group classes & two workshop periods/day plus evening concerts by the instructors with the last night being the student concert.

Physical Camp:
Fiddle students
- Must know at least 3 tunes as we do not offer a raw beginner course.

Piano students
-Piano students must have a basic knowledge of their instrument and know a minimum of 3 chords.
-Piano students are required to supply their own keyboard, with headphones. A surge protector power bar with extension cord are recommended.

Guitar students
-Guitar students must have a basic knowledge of their instrument and know a minimum of 3 chords.

Virtual Camp:
Students will have the option to participate in any or all of the classes. Your registration fee will give you access to all classes (Fiddle, Piano, Guitar) that will be taught at the Intermediate Level therefore everyone must have a basic knowledge of their instrument.  Sit in on as many or as little as you like. The only thing that will be required to attend, other than your instrument, will be a decent internet connection and a device (smart phone, tablet, laptop or computer) and optional headphones.

While we will assist you as much as we can with the technical aspect of Zoom, we do ask that you are comfortable using your device and have a basic knowledge of manipulating emails, documents, passwords, etc.  We also require you to thoroughly read the documentation that will be sent to you as all the information you require will be clearly stated therein.

Fiddle group classes will learn new tunes, fiddle workshops will cover technical aspects from bowing tips, vibrato, backup fiddle, etc,. Piano & guitar students will learn various chord structures, and lots of tips & tricks from very knowledgeable accompanists.

Physical Camp only:
We are offering a rebate of $50 off your registration fee for every NEW student you bring to Camp Calvin.
Rebate will be applied at time of camp. Just let us know which new student has registered so we can apply the credit to your registration fee. The more friends you bring, the more you save!

Physical Camp:
Cancellations up to and including June 17, 2022 will be reimbursed less a $25 administration fee.
Cancellations on June 18, 2022 or later will forfeit the $200 deposit.

Virtual Camp:
Cancellations up to and including June 30, 2022 will be reimbursed less a $25 administration fee.
Cancellations on July 1, 2022 or later will forfeit their registration fee.

We accept E-transfers (Cdn students only), Cheques (mailed before June 15) or Credit Cards (processed by Square - US/Int students must use this option if not mailing a cheque). Payment details will be sent with your Confirmation Email once you're registered.

For all your instrument supplies or repairs, we have a luthier on-site to answer all your needs. Michael Gilmore of 'Collector's Corner' has been setting up shop at Camp Calvin for several years and offers great service at reasonable fees. Dealer, Collector, Repairer & Restorer of fine new & vintage instruments and bows. You can contact Michael at 780-266-9103 or mgilmore@shaw.ca or check out the website at www.ccviolins.ca for all or any of your musical needs today.

January 15 - 18, 2022 (Virtual)
July 17 - 21, 2022 (Hybrid)

January 16 - 19, 2023 (Virtual)
July 16 - 20, 2023 (Hybrid?)

January 22 - 25, 2021 (Virtual)
July 21 - 25, 2024 (Hybrid?)

January 20 - 23, 2025 (Virtual)
July 20 - 24, 2025 (Hybrid?)

January 19 - 22, 2026 (Virtual)
July 19 - 23, 2026 ~ 20 years! Final Camp Calvin!