Portage College has a 12-apartment residence for accommodating students called 'St. Paul Hall'. 12 apartments with 2 bedrooms in each apartment and in each bedroom there are 2 twin beds, so 4 people/apartment. Two of the apartments are handicap accessible and they have 2 double beds in the rooms. We can therefore accommodate up to 48 people in this facility, depending on registrations. Room assignments for participants will be organized by Camp administration based on registrants.

Each apartment has a kitchen that you are welcome to use. It has a fridge/stove, table & chairs however no dishes or small appliances. Because it is a dormitory style and not a hotel, there are things you will need to supply yourself.

1. Bedding for a twin bed (a single bed for one person);
2. Towel & Toiletries;
3. If you plan on using the kitchen, bring your own dishes, eating utensils, cook ware, food, etc.

Across the street from Portage College is the St. Paul Lodge. If you prefer your own room for privacy, click here to access their website and you can book your own room directly with them. They are offering a rate of $60/night (Sole Occupancy) or $70/night (Dbl Occupancy) (2020 rates).  Let them know you are with Camp Calvin. They can be reached at 780-645-2202 or

On-Site Camping
There is camping available right at the college. This is great news as we are able to keep our fiddle community together but there are a few things you need to know:

-This is dry camping, there are no services/hookups.

-You will be camping on a gravel parking lot so no mud to contend with if it rains. Sadly though, there are no grassy areas so those that are tenting will have no choice but to reserve in the campground located 0.5 km from the College.

-You will have access to washroom facilities (sinks & toilets) during the day, however the facility will be locked up at night therefore no washroom access throughout the night.

-There is no access to showers. However, the St. Paul Aquatic Centre is located a short block & half south from the College and is open from 7 am to 9 pm and showers can be had there for $2/person.

-No campfires allowed.

-A charge of $50 / 5 nights will be added to your registration fees.


If you are a camper and looking for Camping Options, there are two serviced campgrounds located in the Town of St. Paul.

- Overnight Trailer Park Campground (4800-55 st) Located just .5 kms (5-min walk) from the Portage College. The park opens up May 15 till Sept 23. Click here to access their website if you're looking for a campground with hookups or if you are tenting.

- Iron Horse Trail Campground (4012 - 53 ave) Located a short drive from the College is a bigger campground offering a few more services. Click here to access the website for a description of all the amenities available there.