"It dawned on me that CAMP CALVIN isn't a place....it is an atmosphere"  D. Ingram
Monday July 18 Tuesday July 19 Wednesday July 20 Thursday July 21
- Daniel Koulack
- Clinton Pelletier
- Gordon Stobbe & JJ Guy
- Kimberley Holmes
- Benjamin Knorr
- Daniel Gervais
- Randy Foster
- Craig McGregor
- Calvin Vollrath
- Student's Concert
Sunday July 24 Monday July 25 Tuesday July 26 Thursday July 27
- Daniel Koulack
- Kimberley Holmes
- Randy Foster
- Craig McGregor
-Daniel Gervais
- Clinton Pelletier
- Calvin Vollrath
- Student's Concert

At Camp Calvin 2015,  a list of jam tunes typically played at Camp Calvin was compiled in a 'Jam Tunes'  workshop.
In anticipation of Camp Calvin 2016, where many of these tunes will likely be played, we have posted the list here for your convenience.  We invite you to go through the list and check to see how many tunes you know?


Join us for our 10th Anniversary!!
July 17 - 21, 2016
July 23 - 27, 2016

(For Week 1, call first 780-645-7748)
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New for 2016!!

Bring a new friend to camp and receive a $50 discount off your registration fee per new student!


     The name Calvin Vollrath is synonymous with Canadian fiddle music. He taught at the 1st fiddle camp in Canada from it’s inception sponsored by the 'Saskatchewan Cultural Exchange Society' at Emma Lake Saskatchewan and when that fiddle camp ceased to exist, Calvin felt it was time to host his own camp.

2007 saw the inaugural “Calvin Vollrath Fiddle Camp” in St. Edouard Alberta. A very small community about 200 kms northeast of Edmonton. Population about 100.

In 2011, for the 5th Annual Camp, the name was changed to ‘Camp Calvin’. The atmosphere was magical & electric. In 2012, the camp was extended to 2 weeks; 2 separate weeks but quite a number of students stayed for both.

Instruction is offered in fiddle, piano & guitar with a variety of workshops held throughout the week, all with high caliber, award winning musicians from across Canada. Students from the age of 8 - 80 take part each year at various levels.

Browse around the site. You'll find pictures, videos, registration forms, a blog, a guest book, a forum & all kinds of things fiddle releated.

The St. Edouard Renewal Centre is a facility owned by the Catholic Diocese and this is the location of the camp.

Welcome to our website and we hope to see you at “Camp Calvin” in the near future.

How to get to St. Edouard

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Calvin's Camp Two Step

Calvin's Camp Two Step

Click on the 'Download Album' button to download the mp3 & the sheet music of Calvin's Camp Two Step, for free. The theme tune at Camp Calvin. You will be signed up to the mailing list.

  1. 1 Calvin's Camp Two Step 02:25

Scale & Chord Chart Instruction Download

Scale & Chord Chart Instruction This is a 1 page lesson to learn the number system. It gives you a few examples to practice. Learn the numbers for every key you play in. 72.8 KB

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